Friday, 13 August 2010

Bye Guys!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to do one super-short, quickie post before I leave. It is now 11.20 at night so I am going to finish off this post, wash my hair, blow dry it and then go to sleep. As my flight is at 11 in the morning I am leaving really early- which means getting up earlier- which then in turn means that I will not have enough time to log on and say goodbye to you all. So that's what I want to say really- see you in another 2 weeks- I will miss writing on my blog like crazy but I will make up for the slacking with lots of picts and posts.

Also I am hoping to have a giveaway-but for that to work I really need 100+ subscribers. I have no idea if I'll ever get that many but I really need you guys to get suggesting for me to keep the idea alive- friends, family members and anyone else who loves makeup, fashion and beauty and badger them until they subscribe- then we can have a contest!!!!

Lots of love,
TheBeautyBlogger x

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tagged by Fashion Buddies- My favourite Mascaras and Mascaras I want to try

So, I was tagged by 'fashion buddies' to do a post- 'Favourite mascaras I have tried or want to try'. Now, I have kind of already done this one so I am going to expand ones I want to try because on the last post I only mentioned one I wanted to try. Read the 1st post here.

An issue to address with Maybelline's Colossal Lash Mascara
As I was throwing out old makeup (see ins and outs post) I came across the Maybelline Colossal lash I thought was over hyped and that I was underwhelmed by. I know a lot of mascaras misbehave and after a bit of o2 exposure they start to listen. I tried the product when I was inexperienced in makeup and I didn't know all the little tricks that most people just 'know' so perhaps I should re buy and retry- the one I threw out was VERY old and mascaras can't be trusted after the 3 month mark of opening/using.
Sometimes things really are over hyped- especially when it comes to MAC but in other instances I feel that 1000s of people can't be wrong. My bottle could have been a faulty exception because I was looking into it and it isn't uncommon to have one 'bad' batch and I have only read good reviews about it online. Either was I will look into it again.
Eyelash Primers
Personally I think that eyelash primers are just another ploy by big, corporate companies to get you to part with your hard earned cash. If you were being really, really picky you could come up with primers for every little hing. So, I guess that just leaves me to say that I've never tried one.
However from a couple of descriptions 'maximises your lash look and extends wear' specifically I want to try it.
MAC Mascaras
Now, I'm not really a huge MAC fan like most people- I just feel like their products don't live up to the price tags and the hype. I have only tried 2 MAC mascaras and they were both awful and in fact I'm not alone in thinking this: many people don't like MAC's mascaras so I don't want to try any of MACs (in case you're wondering why it isn't on my list).
5 Mascaras I want to try
1) Blinc's Kiss me mascara
This is a totally new idea. Instead of painting your lashes with mascara- tube them! That is actually how it works- the little tubes coat your lashes. They can't be removed with just water or just pressure but a combination of both- no smudging, no flaking, no panda eyes! Sounds like a breakthrough to me.
2) Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
I have heard countless good reviews on it. Unfortunately I have never found it in an of the shops. However I have heard that the UK version is Max Factor false lash effect. Even the packaging is nearly the same- Covergirl's bottle is orange and Max factor's is black and it can be yours for £10.99- not exactly drugstore pricing.
3) Laura Mercier Mascara
I have heard good things about all Laura Mercier's products- her lip glaces, her tinted moisturiser... etc...etc... However La Mercier is not known for being affordable- it is pretty pricey if you're on a budget.
4) MUFE smoky Lash
A lot of big make up gurus on YouTube love MUFE- I have heard a lot about their foundation specifically-if it's not too shabby for Richie Nickel it's good for me! One of my friends recommended this to me a long time ago but I never got round to trying it. So even if it is just to please my friend I have to try this out.5) Helena Rubinstein Lash queen Mascara
This is £27 so it's definitely one to conserve but I saw Lollipop 26's before and after picts and read her rave reviews- now I want it =)
So, that's it from me.
What do you want to try? Share some love and leave a comment!
TheBeautyBlogger x

Ins and Outs of the moment

Hey guys,
this is just going to be a quick post rounding up all the good things and bad things of the moment. I want to get in as many posts as possible to compensate for the lack of them to come. I'll try and make this as efficient as possible and then if you feel inspired do one on your blog and post the link in the comments section.
I'll begin...


- Holidays
This is completely obvious really. I mean who doesn't like holidays??- the preparations aren't too fun though (one for my outs!) but I love the excited feeling you get when you are anticipating a holiday. I really can't wait to fly as I love flying and I promise you guys I'll take a ton of pictures to document the best moments in NYC and Canada and of course, Orlando- so you can see all the Disney photos. *Note to self- BUY A DISPOSABLE CAMERA!* Also I've heard that you can't swim in the beaches of Orlando because there are tons of crocodiles! Yes, you read it right- apparently they even leave the sea and get into private pools (most of the houses in Orlando have pools) purely because they're inquisitive. The idea of a day in Miami has been thrown around but it's not yet confirmed. We're actually hiring a van so we can decide what we want to do on the day and then just drive.

-Seeing people you haven't seen in a long, long time
Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I am so, so, so excited to see my Aunt (Dad's sister). She lives in Sri Lanka and I actually saw her a month or two ago (no, I was not on another holiday- I was there for a funeral) but I haven't seen my cousins (her kids) in a year apart from on Skype- so I am so happy that I will be able to see them soon. I can't wait to see my Uncle (Dad's brother) and family as I haven't seen them since they visited London two years ago. I am somewhat anxious to see the new family friends I have yet to meet in NY (Mum's family friends) I'm sure they'll be lovely but I can't help but feel slightly nervous. I will be seeing my other uncle (another one of dad's brothers) and his family who I haven't seen for four years now (wow, time flies!) and also my cousin (Dad's older sister's son). As you have read I have a LOT of people to look forward to meeting!

-Not at all holiday related- but perfume
I have been trying out a LOT of perfume of late. I have been loving Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle (it smells incredible- so sweet) and Calvin Klein's Eternity but I think that it's time to move on and try something new- I'm thinking Chanel's famous No 5 which I can't believe I haven't tried yet, but I've also spied Miss Dior Cherie. I sprayed myself with the tester and it smells really nice- I only like the pink one mind you- I found the rest too strong for me. Jennifer Aniston's new perfume is said to be quite nice- which it should be for the £36 price tag attached to it! Being a huge Friends/Rachel Green fan I feel obliged in some way to rush out and buy her scent. I will wait till after the holidays and if the urge is too strong and I happen to see it in Duty Free I'll blame it on fate and give in to the temptation. I'm also looking into solid perfume. I saw one a couple of years ago by Estee Lauder (makers of the notorious MAC)- it was really pretty- some solid version of one of their scent in a gold case with crystals showing each star sign (mine's Aries) I didn't buy it at that time so I am looking for another.

I have finished Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for English coursework and I must say despite my initial scepticism of the plot I really, thoroughly enjoyed the book. I am currently stocking up on trashy holiday novels to occupy myself while on transit- though I may use that time effectively and shop around. Also- reading isn't just restricted to books, in my world flicking through magazines constitutes as reading and I've done a lot of magazine flicking =)

-Michael Jackson
I have always been a fan and will continue to be one. Yesterday, whilst holiday shopping I picked up a Jackson 5 CD with all their Motown years. In fact I'm bopping along to it right now.

-Buying and trying excessive amounts of lip products
Oh yes, you all know how much of this I've been doing. I'm loving discovering new combos and lipstick mixology. It's very fun! (and you save a bit of cash- always a good thing)

-Blogging like a crazy person
You know the deal with this- I love every moment of it though <3


-Packing for holidays
It is incredibly stressful for someone like me, being reduced down to one case. Also, I'm constantly worried that I will forget something that I really need. Toothbrush-check, Underwear-check, Toothpaste-.....uh oh

-Rushing around doing last minute everything
This always happens at my house- ALWAYS! We NEVER plan ahead and what worries me is the fact that no one else in the family seems to be at all concerned about it! We are usually the last family to board a plane, we arrive at the airport late and book tickets a couple of days before leaving.

-Throwing out old/out of date makeup
I always feel guilty doing this because I see really how much makeup I have spent money on and not used up- then I feel bad for wasting money- but, it really does have to go because the slap is so old I will get all sorts of infections if I attempt to use them. To the bin they go...

-Losing things
No one likes losing things- but I especially can't stand it. I hate wasting time looking for things- which is all I seem to be spending my life doing at the moment.

Anyway, enough about me.
What are your ins and outs?- comment below!

Lots of love
TheBeautyBlogger x

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

America/Canada trip + Soft Lips Lip Balm Review

Hey Everyone,
I'm leaving for America on Saturday and I will only be back on the 31st.

I have looked into it and there is no possible way I can blog because I won't have access to a computer. I am so, so sorry, but it means no new posts until then.

My 'I'm back' post will be long and informative and have lots of pictures and I will post as much as I possibly can for the next two days. (Our flight is at 11.45 in the morning) My family and I will be flying to New York and staying with family friends for 2 days (I am so nervous as I have never met them before and I am really awkward around new people), then we're flying to Orlando to do the Disney thing (Walt Disney is one of my idols- I am SO excited to visit Universal Studios too) then lastly we will fly to Toronto for a family festival.

Hopefully I will be able to squeeze a bit of shopping in so a haul post?? Maybe??

Soft lips

Today I had an eye test. The opticians happened to be conveniently located very near Superdrug. The urge was too strong. I went in an didn't come out empty handed.

A couple of months ago Blair Fowler (Juicystar07) a beauty guru on YouTube reviewed the Soft lips new collection. Then I wanted it. Unfortunately I could only locate one product in the UK- Soft lips lip balm in French Vanilla.

What initially attracted me to soft lips was the slimline packaging (I love slim and sleek) and also lots of people commented that it smelt amazing. That was all the prompt I needed. I looked on the Soft Lips site and they suggested an online pharmacy to order from. All was going well- until I noticed how much they were charging for shipping- $24.99! That was too much. So I guess I was pretty fortunate when I stumbled into it for £1.79 on the Superdrug website.

Now you know how I got the product it's time for the review =)

First of all- it smells INCREDIBLE nice and Vanillery.
-It has SPF 20
-It is so smooth
-It moisturises the lips incredibly well (leaving them nice and soft as a baby's bottom)

When the balm is first applied you will feel a tingle/burn- like the feeling you get when you wear mint lip products. I soon realised that this was due to the menthol in the product. My mum has Menthol crystals that you can dissolve in water and inhale to relieve a blocked nose. It is strong. So strong it makes my eyes water. Thankfully this is nowhere near as harsh but you do feel a tingle. This doesn't bother me and the results were good so the little tingle was a thing I could look past- also- once you wear it for a while you don't feel it anymore.

So, overall verdict-
Do I like it?- Yes
Would I buy it again?- Definitely! At £1.79 it's a great deal.

Lots of love,
TheBeautyBlogger x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Without a doubt the cutest nail design I have ever seen

Nails; How To #2 ♥ Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
I just wanted to share this picture with you becuase it is just SO cute! Look at those nails! I think I will recreate the look-even if it is just to show my devotion to my ipod- I mean it, literally- my ipod and I are one person (is that even gramatically correct!?). Anyway if you want to try it out feel free to do so and post some picts in the comments section becuase I will be doing this soon and I want something to compare it to!
I will do a proper post in a minute *pinkie promise*- please don't dispair!
talk to you soon,
TheBeautyBlogger x
Nails; How To #2 ♥ by »CAiTYY. .♥™ on'>polyvore nails

Monday, 9 August 2010

L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum Update

So, I posted that I was trying out L'OREAL renewal lash serum and that I would update you guys later. If you read the last post you will see that I paid £10.99 for it in Boots after I heard that Lollipop26 really liked it and she seems trustworthy so I got it. Also Frieda Pinto is really beautiful and I wanted to try and buy Pinto lashes. Although I haven't been using it for 6-8 weeks I want to post something about it.

Some conclusions-

1) There hasn't been a dramatic increase in the length of my lashes. I initially thought that this would stimulate a lot of growth and my lashes would double in length. This is not the case. I haven't noticed an enormous increase in length but I will say that the condition had improved.

2)My lashes feel and look a lot healthier than before.

3)They are now all the same length.

4)I am totally happy with the results and the price I paid for it- will be using my current bottle up and then repurchasing.

My only issue with the serum was the actual application- it was kinda difficult and messy because of the weird curved brush. They should replace it with a mascara brush... Anyways- that's my verdict on Renewal lash.

But well done L'OREAL! I'm happy =)

TheBeautyBlogger x

Sunday, 8 August 2010

The monsters behind the slap- The good, The bad and The ugly.

Salma Hayek
Rating- Good

Sophia Vergara
Rating- Ugly

Renee Zellweger

Pamela Anderson
Rating- Bad

Marilyn Manson
Rating- Ugly

Lisa Kudrow
Rating- Bad

Kim Kardashian

Kate Moss

Jessica Simpson

Eva Longoria- Parker
Rating- Ugly

Hillary Duff
Rating- Good

Dita Von Teese
Rating- Bad

Courtney Cox-Arquette

Drew Barrymore
Rating- Bad

Christina Ricci
Rating- Ugly

Britney Spears

Beyonce Knowles
Rating- Bad

Ashwaria Rai
Rating- Good

Penelope Cruz
Rating- Good

Vanessa Hudgens
Rating- Bad

Nice to see that no-one's perfect, eh?

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Hey guys,
I have a new obsession. I mean I am still pretty obsessed with makeup and all things beautiful in general but this one is taking over my mind of late. Fred Leighton. This diamond dealer has adorned all my favourite celebs in his jewels and I am in love with his pieces. The store deals in antique and estate jewellery (Antique=older than 50 years. Estate= younger than 50) but there are only two branches- and they are both in America- one is in Las Vegas and the other is in New York. I can safely say that I will set foot in the store but will definitely come back out empty handed- I may be able to stretch and buy one piece of jewellery...... if I sold the house and poured all the money in to acquiring the pieces! I am currently on the lookout for a cut Victorian or Art Deco style rings as they are my two favourite styles. I have browsed the website and picked out my favourites. Below... admire the little beauties....

This necklace is also a vanity case and I think it's so cute. It's sterling silver with enamel. I don't actually like the face... it looks like *dare I say it* Hitler. BUT I am sure that it wasn't intended to emulate an evil dictator I just like the fact that it's a necklace and a mirror. Sure would be handy for checking teeth after meals.

This gorgeous brooch is antique Tiffany's. Isn't it gorgeous?? I have always been a Tiffany's lover but this cutie has definitely cemented my love. It's diamond and black pearl and it's so chic don't you think?

Emerald and diamond bracelet. Diamond is my birthstone so that could be a plausible excuse. *sighs* I'm imagining this beauty sitting on my wrist right now... aah

Aren't these amazing. Fred Leighton- genius
TheBeautyBlogger x

Monday, 2 August 2010


Hey guys,
From the title I am sure that you have all guessed that this is a post about CHANEL. The other day I went to the CHANEL counter and spend a lot of time trying out all the testers while the lemon sucking assistant stood patronisingly over me. I want to talk about two things in this post. The first is the new CHANEL tattoos or more fancily called 'body art' and about nail polishes.
Now, I haven't actually seen the tattoos- but I have seen the photos online. For a whooping £40 you could be wearing this...

Now, even I think this is a waste of money and I am the queen of the consumers. I just don't see the appeal. I could spend that £40 on some nail polishes, lip sticks or a perfume. I don't know... it just reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to play dress up and apply those cheap tattoos and within days it would have washed off. I think that's the most deterring factor- the fact that it will be £40 literally going down the drain. It's not something you can keep. I need something that isn't one time use because these tattoos are only temporary and I wouldn't ever get a permanent tattoo of a CHANEL logo. How tacky would that be?

Anyway those are my views on this but don't let my opinion deter you from trying it out if you have the cash to splash.
Moving on to nail polishes...

So, many of you would have already heard about the three new limited edition polishes released by CHANEL. (from left to right) Nouvelle Vague, Riviera and Minstral. Now, all three of the colours look amazing in the bottle so when I went to the CHANEL counter I expected them to all be sold out- but they weren't so I tried them on my nails.

Now here is a swatch. Please note: this is not my pict! Anyway, from the picts I got my hopes up. The blue looked so pretty and I thought that it would work really nicely with my dark skin. I was really surprised however when I found that it was really streaky, hard to work with and really sheer. The girl (in pict above) must be wearing at least 3 coats to achieve that intense blue. I am really disappointed by this because I really wanted to like this. I think that maybe because it's a tester and has probably been tried by a lot of people that it got spoilt. BUT, at £15 a pop they should not get spoilt.

Anyway, that's all I have to say.

Lots of love,

TheBeautyBlogger x


Hey guys!

So I popped into Sainsburys the other day and I caught sight of InStyle magazine's free giveaway- a Body Shop lip/cheek stain. And it looked pretty good- Rachel Bilson convinced me. It was all her fault!

I have had my eye on the stain for a long time. I even went as far as going to the Body Shop and trying the tester. I was in a bit of a hurry so I slicked a layer on and I didn't notice much difference so with much disappointment I put it back on the shelf.

However, when in Sainsburys I decided to give it one more try. Heck- I was getting it for £3.60 (which was the price of the magazine) when it usually costs £9.50 so I chucked it into the basket and went to pay for it.

There were actually two different colours available- Rose pink (in the pict) and Bronze glimmer.
Now, being the greedy, beauty obsessed girl I am I did ponder briefly over whether I should get both- but then I realised that I would be buying two copies of the exact same magazine which was by no means cheap. Eventually I settled for Rose pink.

When I got home I ripped open the tube ready to smear it on my face, expecting huge disappointment and initially I was but then I decided to build up the colour. I guess I was expecting a really strong colour but it isn't a gloss or a blush- it's only a lip stain. It looks really red in the bottle but on the lips it actually comes out very pink.

I also thought that it was a bit drying so I coated my lips with Vaseline then dabbed the stain on top which was a bit of a challenge because the stain is watery. You know when you use Vaseline as a moisturiser and then if it hits water it slithers off??- Yeah, that's kinda what happened here. I should have known. But I somehow got it to work and I can honestly say it looks good on the lips on the cheeks it's a bit- blah?? I can't really see any change.

But, that's it.
Will you be getting Instyle??

Lots of Love,

TheBeautyBlogger x