Wednesday, 11 August 2010

America/Canada trip + Soft Lips Lip Balm Review

Hey Everyone,
I'm leaving for America on Saturday and I will only be back on the 31st.

I have looked into it and there is no possible way I can blog because I won't have access to a computer. I am so, so sorry, but it means no new posts until then.

My 'I'm back' post will be long and informative and have lots of pictures and I will post as much as I possibly can for the next two days. (Our flight is at 11.45 in the morning) My family and I will be flying to New York and staying with family friends for 2 days (I am so nervous as I have never met them before and I am really awkward around new people), then we're flying to Orlando to do the Disney thing (Walt Disney is one of my idols- I am SO excited to visit Universal Studios too) then lastly we will fly to Toronto for a family festival.

Hopefully I will be able to squeeze a bit of shopping in so a haul post?? Maybe??

Soft lips

Today I had an eye test. The opticians happened to be conveniently located very near Superdrug. The urge was too strong. I went in an didn't come out empty handed.

A couple of months ago Blair Fowler (Juicystar07) a beauty guru on YouTube reviewed the Soft lips new collection. Then I wanted it. Unfortunately I could only locate one product in the UK- Soft lips lip balm in French Vanilla.

What initially attracted me to soft lips was the slimline packaging (I love slim and sleek) and also lots of people commented that it smelt amazing. That was all the prompt I needed. I looked on the Soft Lips site and they suggested an online pharmacy to order from. All was going well- until I noticed how much they were charging for shipping- $24.99! That was too much. So I guess I was pretty fortunate when I stumbled into it for £1.79 on the Superdrug website.

Now you know how I got the product it's time for the review =)

First of all- it smells INCREDIBLE nice and Vanillery.
-It has SPF 20
-It is so smooth
-It moisturises the lips incredibly well (leaving them nice and soft as a baby's bottom)

When the balm is first applied you will feel a tingle/burn- like the feeling you get when you wear mint lip products. I soon realised that this was due to the menthol in the product. My mum has Menthol crystals that you can dissolve in water and inhale to relieve a blocked nose. It is strong. So strong it makes my eyes water. Thankfully this is nowhere near as harsh but you do feel a tingle. This doesn't bother me and the results were good so the little tingle was a thing I could look past- also- once you wear it for a while you don't feel it anymore.

So, overall verdict-
Do I like it?- Yes
Would I buy it again?- Definitely! At £1.79 it's a great deal.

Lots of love,
TheBeautyBlogger x


  1. I just want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look. My friend tryed to pull a new look off and it looks....terrible....check this out.

  2. Thank you- Shabby blogs is amazing! Also you friend's blog isn't awful- trust me I've seen a lot worse (including mine at one stage!) she just needs to rethink the position of the blinkies!

  3. I keep telling her that but I guess she just doesnt listen, thats what her post was about. LOL. Have fun on your trip!

  4. I got the SoftLips Vitamin Enriched Lip Conditioner for £1.99 at Boot's on the end dangeling) so you may have to ask) , It's minty and another great lip balm, if your collecting the Soft Lips products like I want to do, by the way the website says shipping is 99cents for a while so order now! lol :)