Monday, 9 August 2010

L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum Update

So, I posted that I was trying out L'OREAL renewal lash serum and that I would update you guys later. If you read the last post you will see that I paid £10.99 for it in Boots after I heard that Lollipop26 really liked it and she seems trustworthy so I got it. Also Frieda Pinto is really beautiful and I wanted to try and buy Pinto lashes. Although I haven't been using it for 6-8 weeks I want to post something about it.

Some conclusions-

1) There hasn't been a dramatic increase in the length of my lashes. I initially thought that this would stimulate a lot of growth and my lashes would double in length. This is not the case. I haven't noticed an enormous increase in length but I will say that the condition had improved.

2)My lashes feel and look a lot healthier than before.

3)They are now all the same length.

4)I am totally happy with the results and the price I paid for it- will be using my current bottle up and then repurchasing.

My only issue with the serum was the actual application- it was kinda difficult and messy because of the weird curved brush. They should replace it with a mascara brush... Anyways- that's my verdict on Renewal lash.

But well done L'OREAL! I'm happy =)

TheBeautyBlogger x

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