Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ins and Outs of the moment

Hey guys,
this is just going to be a quick post rounding up all the good things and bad things of the moment. I want to get in as many posts as possible to compensate for the lack of them to come. I'll try and make this as efficient as possible and then if you feel inspired do one on your blog and post the link in the comments section.
I'll begin...


- Holidays
This is completely obvious really. I mean who doesn't like holidays??- the preparations aren't too fun though (one for my outs!) but I love the excited feeling you get when you are anticipating a holiday. I really can't wait to fly as I love flying and I promise you guys I'll take a ton of pictures to document the best moments in NYC and Canada and of course, Orlando- so you can see all the Disney photos. *Note to self- BUY A DISPOSABLE CAMERA!* Also I've heard that you can't swim in the beaches of Orlando because there are tons of crocodiles! Yes, you read it right- apparently they even leave the sea and get into private pools (most of the houses in Orlando have pools) purely because they're inquisitive. The idea of a day in Miami has been thrown around but it's not yet confirmed. We're actually hiring a van so we can decide what we want to do on the day and then just drive.

-Seeing people you haven't seen in a long, long time
Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I am so, so, so excited to see my Aunt (Dad's sister). She lives in Sri Lanka and I actually saw her a month or two ago (no, I was not on another holiday- I was there for a funeral) but I haven't seen my cousins (her kids) in a year apart from on Skype- so I am so happy that I will be able to see them soon. I can't wait to see my Uncle (Dad's brother) and family as I haven't seen them since they visited London two years ago. I am somewhat anxious to see the new family friends I have yet to meet in NY (Mum's family friends) I'm sure they'll be lovely but I can't help but feel slightly nervous. I will be seeing my other uncle (another one of dad's brothers) and his family who I haven't seen for four years now (wow, time flies!) and also my cousin (Dad's older sister's son). As you have read I have a LOT of people to look forward to meeting!

-Not at all holiday related- but perfume
I have been trying out a LOT of perfume of late. I have been loving Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle (it smells incredible- so sweet) and Calvin Klein's Eternity but I think that it's time to move on and try something new- I'm thinking Chanel's famous No 5 which I can't believe I haven't tried yet, but I've also spied Miss Dior Cherie. I sprayed myself with the tester and it smells really nice- I only like the pink one mind you- I found the rest too strong for me. Jennifer Aniston's new perfume is said to be quite nice- which it should be for the £36 price tag attached to it! Being a huge Friends/Rachel Green fan I feel obliged in some way to rush out and buy her scent. I will wait till after the holidays and if the urge is too strong and I happen to see it in Duty Free I'll blame it on fate and give in to the temptation. I'm also looking into solid perfume. I saw one a couple of years ago by Estee Lauder (makers of the notorious MAC)- it was really pretty- some solid version of one of their scent in a gold case with crystals showing each star sign (mine's Aries) I didn't buy it at that time so I am looking for another.

I have finished Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for English coursework and I must say despite my initial scepticism of the plot I really, thoroughly enjoyed the book. I am currently stocking up on trashy holiday novels to occupy myself while on transit- though I may use that time effectively and shop around. Also- reading isn't just restricted to books, in my world flicking through magazines constitutes as reading and I've done a lot of magazine flicking =)

-Michael Jackson
I have always been a fan and will continue to be one. Yesterday, whilst holiday shopping I picked up a Jackson 5 CD with all their Motown years. In fact I'm bopping along to it right now.

-Buying and trying excessive amounts of lip products
Oh yes, you all know how much of this I've been doing. I'm loving discovering new combos and lipstick mixology. It's very fun! (and you save a bit of cash- always a good thing)

-Blogging like a crazy person
You know the deal with this- I love every moment of it though <3


-Packing for holidays
It is incredibly stressful for someone like me, being reduced down to one case. Also, I'm constantly worried that I will forget something that I really need. Toothbrush-check, Underwear-check, Toothpaste-.....uh oh

-Rushing around doing last minute everything
This always happens at my house- ALWAYS! We NEVER plan ahead and what worries me is the fact that no one else in the family seems to be at all concerned about it! We are usually the last family to board a plane, we arrive at the airport late and book tickets a couple of days before leaving.

-Throwing out old/out of date makeup
I always feel guilty doing this because I see really how much makeup I have spent money on and not used up- then I feel bad for wasting money- but, it really does have to go because the slap is so old I will get all sorts of infections if I attempt to use them. To the bin they go...

-Losing things
No one likes losing things- but I especially can't stand it. I hate wasting time looking for things- which is all I seem to be spending my life doing at the moment.

Anyway, enough about me.
What are your ins and outs?- comment below!

Lots of love
TheBeautyBlogger x


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