Friday, 13 August 2010

Bye Guys!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to do one super-short, quickie post before I leave. It is now 11.20 at night so I am going to finish off this post, wash my hair, blow dry it and then go to sleep. As my flight is at 11 in the morning I am leaving really early- which means getting up earlier- which then in turn means that I will not have enough time to log on and say goodbye to you all. So that's what I want to say really- see you in another 2 weeks- I will miss writing on my blog like crazy but I will make up for the slacking with lots of picts and posts.

Also I am hoping to have a giveaway-but for that to work I really need 100+ subscribers. I have no idea if I'll ever get that many but I really need you guys to get suggesting for me to keep the idea alive- friends, family members and anyone else who loves makeup, fashion and beauty and badger them until they subscribe- then we can have a contest!!!!

Lots of love,
TheBeautyBlogger x

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