Friday, 3 September 2010

Where has she been? Florida!

Hey guys,
I am so, so, so, so sorry for neglecting you guys for nearly a month now! Anyway, I arrived back on the 1st from my fantastic holiday and I was absolutely knackered. I have slept for 2 days straight- seriously and I think I have just about recovered and adjusted back into London life. Okay, I will tell you guys about my trip because I know that you are all dying to hear about it (let's be honest....joke). It's wasn't all perfect- but between missing our flights and fighting with American Airlines staff it was pretty good. Well, I'm gonna get started.

So we flew out to New York on the 14th and we left on the 16th. We actually arrived really late on the 14th so we literally ate and then slept and we left in the early morning of the 16th which really just left us with one whole day. It was so worth it though! We travelled by tube from Long Island where we were staying to the city.

First we went on a tour bus for a tour around New York which was amazing! Then I went to the World's biggest Macy's store in Times square...
And, all of you, knowing me know that I would not have come out empty handed- and you were absolutely right. There was a small coach store in there and I fell in love with a black handbag from the latest poppy collection. It was originally $269 down to $200... not exactly a steal but I had to have it. Here it is- it's my new baby =)
I also went to the MAC store there and I came out with the New Vibe blush duo from the In the groove collection. I actually wasn't intending to buy it but as I walked past the MAC store I couldn't resist setting foot in it and looking around. I swiped this as I was heading towards the door but when I looked down it was such a stunning colour I turned on my heels, grabbed it, paid for it and then it was mine <3
After this we (me, my mum, my aunt and my cousin) headed to Sephora. Now I don't think that we actually have a Sephora here in London but everyone always talks about it so I had to check it out. I absolutely loved it- floors and floors dedicated to makeup? Love, love, love!!! I left the store with a Korres lip butter in wild rose (purely because I loved the colour it gave my lips) and a roller ball version of Marc Jacob's Lola (the latest release) which is now firmly my favourite perfume of the moment.

So, on the 16th we were meant to fly to Orlando with American Airlines who always overbook their flights (meaning that they sell more tickets than they have seats in the hopes that someone will miss their flight, the extra people get subbed in and the airlines make more money). Anyway, we arrived at the air port a regulation 3 hours early. We checked our selves in, checked in our baggage and proceeded to security. The cue was at least an hour long and when we got there my cousin (who was also travelling with us) realised that he had left his Cologne, shampoo, body lotion, conditioner and tooth paste in his hand luggage and so it took us another 20 minutes for the security to the call the bag out, search the bag and then for us to 'surrender' the items in question. Also my mum who can't live without tea for 5 minutes decided it would be a good idea to bring sugar and tea bags in the hand luggage. Of course, the security, seeing the bag of sugar through the x-ray machine decided that it was drugs and spent another half an hour drug testing it. When we arrived at the gate there was a good 20 minutes left but the hostess at the gate simply closed the door in our faces. My guess is that our seats had already been redistributed to someone who booked a ticket on standby. There was no one nearby and we had no idea what to do- our bags were on the flight but we weren't which would mean that whatever way this played out we would only have the clothes on our back until we could get to Orlando.

We were then told (after an hour of wandering aimlessly, wondering what to do) that we had to rebook our tickets. While standing in the line to rebook tickets we discovered that many other people who were supposed to be on the same flight as us were in a similar situation. At last when we got to the head of the cue we were met by a lemon sucking job's worth who told us that it was our fault and that we would have to pay all over again for a new set of tickets. Lesson one- don't mess with my parents when they are already annoyed and tired- they yelled and the woman and argued for a good hour and lo and behold- new tickets. To Miami though- not Orlando as originally planned. AND only on standby (as overbooked passengers). I must say that I don't think that I'll ever travel with American Airlines again. A woman that we were chatting with in a cue to rebook the tickets told us that AA was 'mediocre beyond belief' and in the situation we were in I understood totally what she meant. The workers were rude, arrogant and extremely unhelpful and they had to be told several times and yelled at if you were to get the simplest of things done. On the topic best airlines that deserve a shout out- Etihad and Sri Lankan Airlines are among the best I've ever travelled with.

We then flew to Miami, stayed the night in a hotel then rented a van in the morning. We went to Miami beach, ate in a fabulous restaurant and then had a 4 hour road trip to Orlando. My family actually happens to love road trips and driving so we were fine.

Here's a pic of the beach-
Yes, the sea really is that blue and it is that beautiful- it's not digitally enhanced in any way. I would SO recommend Miami beach if you have the cash- it's truly gorgeous. If you want cheaper then I'd say Sri Lanka (where I come from!). Airline tickets are expensive but once you get there everything else is cheap.

In Orlando we spent 6 days. Here's how it went...
2 days in Disney, 1 day in The Kennedy Space Center, 1 day in the Ripley's believe it or not museum, 2 days shopping, 2 days resting/ lounging by the amazing pool.
The Kennedy Space Centre-
^ To give you an indication of how big this building actually is... you could drive a bus up one of the stripes on the painting of the US flag...

^A piece of rocket =)
Ripley's Believe it or not museum-
^ See how it looks tilted... it's built that way =) I think that I enjoyed this with Kennedy Space Center more than Disney Land. It's basically weird and wacky facts and exhibits. You can even take a picture with a wax model of the world's tallest man! Also, the tickets were super cheap when compared to Disney and Kennedy.
^ Last and definitely the least was Disney. Our party paid nearly $1000 in entry fees. Was it worth it? No. Disneyland is the most over hyped thing I have ever come across. I have seen real animals, I have been on Europe's fastest roller coaster-I don't have to fly halfway across the world to see pieces of plastic 'move' and go on rides I can find in Thorpe park for a lot less money.
We went to Animal Kingdom 1st which was crap, then we went to Magic Kingdom which was okay. Third was Hollywood studios which I loved becuase there were tons of 3D movies and we were shown how movies were shot (including lots of stunt scenes from the Indiana Jones movies). Lastly we went to Epcot (which I think was the best of all four. It's really scientific and futuristic if you like that kind of thing because I do) but we only spent an hour there before the rain came down in bucket loads and we had to call it a day. If you ever go to Disney I would say go to Epcot 1st because it's the best one and Animal Kingdom last (it's the worst!!).
Anyway, that was what I did in my holiday.
What did you do?? Comment below because I love getting comments!
Lots of Love,
TheBeautyBlogger x


  1. Your holiday looks wonderful!! I love your new purse!

  2. Thank you! I love my new purse too...=)
    Hope you enjoyed your holidays!

  3. Wow that's sounds like you had lots of fun- I'm so jealous of your trip (and gorgeous purse)! Btw- I am new to your blog and I love it!!!

  4. I wish i could visit New York! Although I would be terrified of being jumped or something. I love sephora, I mean, who doesn't? I am really glad you had a good time!

  5. New York is a great city (but you just can't beat London!) Sephora is actually my version of heaven!

  6. I agree, I bet haven is just MADE OUT OF makeup! Haha!