Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I feel like having a little ramble...

So it's time for an Ins and Outs post


Shocking nail polish colours
Although Wine Purple can't be classed as extremely shocking the teacher's eyes did pop pretty far out of her head when she caught sight of my nails. This prompts me to try lots of different bright colours- even if it is just to see how much I can get away with. Look out for lots of nail of the days next week (hopefully!).

Fashion Fair Lip Teasers
I have been wearing this everywhere- I actually mean everywhere! I got it a while ago in the shade Lure. But basically it boils down to- wearable colour, bold colour, non sticky and nice scent for £13. Score!

Gel liner
So much better than pencil or liquid. Makes me wonder why I wasn't in on it in the first place!

Being sick
I have had a blasted cold for days now and it's showing absolutely no signs of going away! Guess I'm gonna have to deal with it =(

Having a new haircut
I am currently trying to decide what kind of cut/style to go for. I had hair up to my hips but it was getting way too hard to look after so I got a pair of scissors and snipped it straight across- It's bra length now because I would feel exposed without moderately long hair. I'm thinking of playing it safe with an Erin Silver (90210- LOVE!) style as I'm not feeling particularly brave...


Korres Lip Butter
To be fair there is absolutely nothing wrong with it even though it does all it's supposed to and looks nice on my lips after a week of obsessive application (When I say obsessive I mean obsessive- as in every five minutes) I have decided to take a break from it and try something new (The Body Shop's Aloe Vera Lip Conditioner- I will post a review as soon as possible) and then come back to Korres later. Having said that I have got my eye on their cherry oil lip glosses after hearing so many good things about them.

Rain and Cold weather
English weather sucks. Enough said.


  1. Hey!
    I featured you in my referral post for this month! http://glam-me-upxo.blogspot.com/


  2. I love gel eyeliner lovely! My fave is Cliniques "really black".

    I hate when it rains sooooo hard your socks get wet. This happened today. :(


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  4. I love the look you did for Catherine on your blog- it's gorgeous! Thanks for visiting!