Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tag- Fashion

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1) What is your favourite accessory?
I love rings! I mean- absolutely adore them and I have a huge collection-so many that I could probably wear a different ring for each day of the year! They come from all sorts of places- Tiffany & Co, Swarovski and even tacky tourist shops from countries I have been on holiday to. I also always wear my emerald studs that my mum got me for my 14th birthday- they're so special and I haven't taken them off once since I got them. I also have an extensive bag collection which I adore and that I add to now and again (it's gotten quite impressive over the years- My favourites are my Louis Vuitton (present from a cousin), a Coach bag (present from an aunt) and a Dior bag that my wonderful mummy bought for me- of course that meant I couldn't shop for a month to compensate!)

2) What's your favourite clothing item?
It has to be my True religion jeans- they were pricey but so worth it. I wear them really regularly, they are classy but also comfy-comfort is a must for me!

3)Who is your role model?
Coleen Rooney- I love her style! She always wears clothes that flatter her figure and always gets it just right. Unfortunately I don't have that much to spend on clothes so I have to find close dupes from stores like H&M.

4) What do you always carry with you?
A MAC lip glass and my mobile/cell phone.

5)What would you describe your fashion style as?
Incredibly girly! Duhhhh!

6) Favourite jeans, sunglasses, heels?
Favourite jeans are from True religion, My favourite sun glasses are my trusty and very chic ray bans and my favourite heels are from Monsoon.

7) What inspired you to make fashion videos?
Well, I don't- not yet.

8)What is your favourite store/shop?
Monsoon and H&M it's a tie between them. I love Charlotte Russe too- I checked it out in America and I was impressed =)

9)What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Silk or Satin- they're both nice

10)Who is your favourite designer?
Marc Jacobs! Hands down.

11)Who/What inspires your fashions?
My mood- cheesy but true

12)What would you choose to do? Buy something in high quality or make it yourself?
I am actually quite good at sewing so given the time I would make it myself. That way I could make the cut flattering and have exactly what I want.

That's it and before I go- I TAG YOU ALL! Anyone who has a blog. If you don't I will hunt you down. Just kidding.
Bye x

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