Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Perfume I am oh so in love with at the moment...

So I purchased this a while ago but as I had lots of others I wanted to finish of first (perfumes generally tend to lose their smell after a year of purchase/opening) I never actually got round to using this. So about a week ago I started spraying this on lightly when ever I went out and have gotten complemented on it countless times since.

The picture probably already gave it away but the perfume I am currently raving about is Burberry weekend.

I know a lot of people generally viewed Burberry as a 'chav' brand before they got the beautiful Emma Watson on board their advertising campaign and gave the clothes a dramatic overhaul but I have always quite liked the brand and this perfume has just cemented my love.

There is actually a little story behind this. My friend went to some perfume launch where they were giving out tiny, stingy samples of this (probably only enough for one or two squirts) but she got it and didn't really like it so guess who got lucky ;-) So I tried it and totally loved it and as it was a tiny sample she told me that I may as well keep it (my friends and I always share cosmetics and trade stuff- a true sign of real friendship I think, don't you?) As I said before it was a meagre sample and soon the tiny bottle was completely empty.
So guess what?

Without a second thought I went and got a 50ml version.

I love the smell- I can never really describe smells or even pick out what goes into them- I can just about differentiate between fruity and floral but that's about it so you'll have to make do with the Burberry description (Tangerine, Sape Greeness, Reseda Greeness, Blue Hyacinth, Red Cyclamen, Nectarine, Iris, Wild Rose, Cedar Wood, Musk and Sandal Wood), packaging (Pale yellow box with silver cross hatching and the bottle is unusually shaped and very chic I must say) and the longevity- which by the way is about 2-3 hours without a Vaseline base which is the only fault I can find with this perfume. Other than that it is an absolute favourite.

By the way, I am undecided about whether or not to do a 'Favourites of the month post' at the end of the month. What do you guys think? Is it a good idea or not? Comment below and let me know (hey that rhymes!)

Anyway, See you all very soon!
TheBeautyBlogger x


  1. hmmmm never heard of this perfume, and yes you should do a post at the end of the month!! Hey who is your favorite youtube makeup guru?

  2. Okay I'll do a favourites post at the end of this month- look out for it!
    I don't judge gurus on their personal lives or 'scandals' and I think that with a lot of them if I knew them personally/personality wise I wouldn't like them. Based purely on makeup I think Michelle Phan and Juicystar07 are pretty good. I also love Lolliopo26- both makeup and personality wise and I am obsessed with her blog. You should check it out- it's really good-

  3. I also like juicystar07 but her sis allthatglitters21 is definitly my fave!