Saturday, 11 September 2010

Beauty Myths Decoded

Myth 1- Waxing/Shaving makes hair grow back thicker

False. This is actually your eyes deceiving you. When your leg hair is growing back it looks coarser than before because it is shorter whereas longer leg hairs look wispy.

Myth 2- Cocoa Butter lotion fades stretch marks

False! Contrary to popular belief Cocoa butter will not actually help you get rid of the lines. Stretch marks are caused by weight gain or loss and no amount of lotion can get rid of them.

Myth 3- Drinking tea stains your teeth

True! So does Coffee, Red and White wine and Soda.

Myth 4 - 8 Hours of sleep a day helps you lose weight

True! As far fetched as this sounds it's not a myth. We don't eat in our sleep so there are no calories there but research actually suggests that not getting enough sleep means that we don't burn as many calories as we should during the day.

Myth 5- Drinking water will improve your complexion and clear up break outs

True. Drinking water helps cleanse your skin and a glass of water is a lot better for you than a glass of soda!

Myth 6- Perfume should be sprayed on pulse points.

True! Pulse points are warmer than other parts of the body making the scent last longer.

Myth 7- Sharing Makeup with friends can lead to infections and breakouts

True. Yes it's true. Sharing makeup is like sharing germs which lead to breakouts and all sorts of nasty infections. I will put my hand up and admit that I'm really bad when it comes to this. My friends and I always share products because we don't have massive amounts of money to spend on makeup so we trade and share. Only share products if they come from a pump bottle. Hmm perhaps I should practise what I preach!

Myth 8- Eating chocolate will break you out

False. There is absolutely nothing to prove that this is true. But, remember that any junk food is bad for you and too much rubbish can break you out.

Myth 9- Cucumbers reduce puffiness of eyes

True. So does anything else cold so a spoon dunked in freezing water would also work.

Myth 10- Trimming your hair makes it grow faster

False. Trimming your hair will not make it grow faster. It will continue to grow at it's normal rate- about 1-2 inches a month. However, don't stop trimming as it can get rid of nasty split ends.

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