Saturday, 18 September 2010

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Price- £4.59

Bought from- Superdrug or Boots

What it claims to do-Aussie's famous three minute miracle reconstructing conditioner claims to mend split ends and leave hair soft, smooth shiny and loved. The Australian Balm mint is said to be a miracle ingredient that will provide the tender loving care that your hair needs and Safflower Seed Oil will do away with nasty split ends. Within three minutes of application a miracle will have occurred and you will be left with the shiny, swishy hair you have always dreamt of.

My Verdict- This amazing smelling product is a bargain for such a low price. I have shelled out on a lot of fancy hair products before and I really wish that I had found this sooner! It is a deep conditioner so I only use it once a week and I really do think that it lives up to it's claims. The unique squeezy bottle dispenses a small amount so it's not easy to waste the product. This would be a great one for all you gals who use a lot of heat styling and have damaged hair as a result. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and also wonderfully scented and I would definitely recommend this to a friend paired with an Aussie Shampoo.
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  1. I love Aussie products and use the sleek and straight shampoo. I find this a bit rich for my fine hair but I adore the smell.