Saturday, 4 September 2010

OPI Nail Polishes

Hey everyone,

Yes, this is my 2nd post today but after being incredibly AWOL I feel the need to make it up to you guys. In Florida I went to Walmart, a store we don't have in England (It was so big I got lost more than just a couple of times!). Anyway, we were so sick of eating restaurant food that we took the matter into our own hands and went to Walmart to buy basic foods (Bread, Butter...etc, etc). I subtly broke away from my family and visited the beauty isle and what do I find?? OPIs for $7 each. This is what they look like... I have the one on the left (hint of mint) and the one on the right (Di-Vine is Divine) and I love them! I must say that I was disappointed with the quality of hint of mint- it was streaky and thin and I used 5 coats to get a colour as intense as one coat of Nouvelle Vague. Nevertheless I love the end result so I am willing to look past all it's faults. I prefer Di-Vine because of quality (one, easy, streak free coat) and I am wild about the colour!
I also got 2 ordinary OPIs as a present from my aunt. Meet Java Mauve-A (bottom) and Meet and Jingle (top). I feel like Meet and Jingle is a christmassy red and I love it. It's classy, timeless and elegant and I think that it may be the first bottle of nail varnish I get through. In terms of quality it was very good- no streaks or chips and it was the perfect consistency.

This is Java Mauve-A. Now I tried this out and I have got to say it is a lot pinker in person than in picture. There is also not a lot of contrast between the colour and my natural skin tone so it looks very blah. I don't think this one will be 'love it, use it, repurchase it' product- sadly.

So that's my take on nail polish
What are you recommendations?
TheBeautyBlogger x


  1. Wow all the polishes look really pretty. I think I will buy Meet and Jingle- even if it is just to remind me of Christmas.

  2. I love OPI! Although at sephora they are a BIT expensive. I hope to get the Color CAB FARE by Sephora by opi.