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Tagged by Fashion Buddies- My favourite Mascaras and Mascaras I want to try

So, I was tagged by 'fashion buddies' to do a post- 'Favourite mascaras I have tried or want to try'. Now, I have kind of already done this one so I am going to expand ones I want to try because on the last post I only mentioned one I wanted to try. Read the 1st post here.

An issue to address with Maybelline's Colossal Lash Mascara
As I was throwing out old makeup (see ins and outs post) I came across the Maybelline Colossal lash I thought was over hyped and that I was underwhelmed by. I know a lot of mascaras misbehave and after a bit of o2 exposure they start to listen. I tried the product when I was inexperienced in makeup and I didn't know all the little tricks that most people just 'know' so perhaps I should re buy and retry- the one I threw out was VERY old and mascaras can't be trusted after the 3 month mark of opening/using.
Sometimes things really are over hyped- especially when it comes to MAC but in other instances I feel that 1000s of people can't be wrong. My bottle could have been a faulty exception because I was looking into it and it isn't uncommon to have one 'bad' batch and I have only read good reviews about it online. Either was I will look into it again.
Eyelash Primers
Personally I think that eyelash primers are just another ploy by big, corporate companies to get you to part with your hard earned cash. If you were being really, really picky you could come up with primers for every little hing. So, I guess that just leaves me to say that I've never tried one.
However from a couple of descriptions 'maximises your lash look and extends wear' specifically I want to try it.
MAC Mascaras
Now, I'm not really a huge MAC fan like most people- I just feel like their products don't live up to the price tags and the hype. I have only tried 2 MAC mascaras and they were both awful and in fact I'm not alone in thinking this: many people don't like MAC's mascaras so I don't want to try any of MACs (in case you're wondering why it isn't on my list).
5 Mascaras I want to try
1) Blinc's Kiss me mascara
This is a totally new idea. Instead of painting your lashes with mascara- tube them! That is actually how it works- the little tubes coat your lashes. They can't be removed with just water or just pressure but a combination of both- no smudging, no flaking, no panda eyes! Sounds like a breakthrough to me.
2) Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
I have heard countless good reviews on it. Unfortunately I have never found it in an of the shops. However I have heard that the UK version is Max Factor false lash effect. Even the packaging is nearly the same- Covergirl's bottle is orange and Max factor's is black and it can be yours for £10.99- not exactly drugstore pricing.
3) Laura Mercier Mascara
I have heard good things about all Laura Mercier's products- her lip glaces, her tinted moisturiser... etc...etc... However La Mercier is not known for being affordable- it is pretty pricey if you're on a budget.
4) MUFE smoky Lash
A lot of big make up gurus on YouTube love MUFE- I have heard a lot about their foundation specifically-if it's not too shabby for Richie Nickel it's good for me! One of my friends recommended this to me a long time ago but I never got round to trying it. So even if it is just to please my friend I have to try this out.5) Helena Rubinstein Lash queen Mascara
This is £27 so it's definitely one to conserve but I saw Lollipop 26's before and after picts and read her rave reviews- now I want it =)
So, that's it from me.
What do you want to try? Share some love and leave a comment!
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