Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Hey guys,
I have a new obsession. I mean I am still pretty obsessed with makeup and all things beautiful in general but this one is taking over my mind of late. Fred Leighton. This diamond dealer has adorned all my favourite celebs in his jewels and I am in love with his pieces. The store deals in antique and estate jewellery (Antique=older than 50 years. Estate= younger than 50) but there are only two branches- and they are both in America- one is in Las Vegas and the other is in New York. I can safely say that I will set foot in the store but will definitely come back out empty handed- I may be able to stretch and buy one piece of jewellery...... if I sold the house and poured all the money in to acquiring the pieces! I am currently on the lookout for a cut Victorian or Art Deco style rings as they are my two favourite styles. I have browsed the website and picked out my favourites. Below... admire the little beauties....

This necklace is also a vanity case and I think it's so cute. It's sterling silver with enamel. I don't actually like the face... it looks like *dare I say it* Hitler. BUT I am sure that it wasn't intended to emulate an evil dictator I just like the fact that it's a necklace and a mirror. Sure would be handy for checking teeth after meals.

This gorgeous brooch is antique Tiffany's. Isn't it gorgeous?? I have always been a Tiffany's lover but this cutie has definitely cemented my love. It's diamond and black pearl and it's so chic don't you think?

Emerald and diamond bracelet. Diamond is my birthstone so that could be a plausible excuse. *sighs* I'm imagining this beauty sitting on my wrist right now... aah

Aren't these amazing. Fred Leighton- genius
TheBeautyBlogger x

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