Monday, 2 August 2010


Hey guys,
From the title I am sure that you have all guessed that this is a post about CHANEL. The other day I went to the CHANEL counter and spend a lot of time trying out all the testers while the lemon sucking assistant stood patronisingly over me. I want to talk about two things in this post. The first is the new CHANEL tattoos or more fancily called 'body art' and about nail polishes.
Now, I haven't actually seen the tattoos- but I have seen the photos online. For a whooping £40 you could be wearing this...

Now, even I think this is a waste of money and I am the queen of the consumers. I just don't see the appeal. I could spend that £40 on some nail polishes, lip sticks or a perfume. I don't know... it just reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to play dress up and apply those cheap tattoos and within days it would have washed off. I think that's the most deterring factor- the fact that it will be £40 literally going down the drain. It's not something you can keep. I need something that isn't one time use because these tattoos are only temporary and I wouldn't ever get a permanent tattoo of a CHANEL logo. How tacky would that be?

Anyway those are my views on this but don't let my opinion deter you from trying it out if you have the cash to splash.
Moving on to nail polishes...

So, many of you would have already heard about the three new limited edition polishes released by CHANEL. (from left to right) Nouvelle Vague, Riviera and Minstral. Now, all three of the colours look amazing in the bottle so when I went to the CHANEL counter I expected them to all be sold out- but they weren't so I tried them on my nails.

Now here is a swatch. Please note: this is not my pict! Anyway, from the picts I got my hopes up. The blue looked so pretty and I thought that it would work really nicely with my dark skin. I was really surprised however when I found that it was really streaky, hard to work with and really sheer. The girl (in pict above) must be wearing at least 3 coats to achieve that intense blue. I am really disappointed by this because I really wanted to like this. I think that maybe because it's a tester and has probably been tried by a lot of people that it got spoilt. BUT, at £15 a pop they should not get spoilt.

Anyway, that's all I have to say.

Lots of love,

TheBeautyBlogger x

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  1. I always see these amazing nail pictures but when i go to do my nails they just suck and suck bad, ERG! I am starting to think expensive nail polish is not worth it!