Monday, 19 July 2010

A beauty product I am loving at the moment...

(pointless DIY photograph. This was shot taped to a piece of paper because my room was hideously messy =P)
The other day I popped into LUSH. I came out with practically the whole store in tow. I am loving one item in particular though. It's the Whip Stick Lip balm which cost £5 for 8g (I think?)
Anyways, I opened the tin and took a huge whiff and I must say I have fallen in love with the smell of it- it smells and tastes just like chocolate- without all the extra calories. Yay!
I put this on and it gave my lips a slight brown tint so if you have dark skin this could work out as a kind of nude lip balm... It was just so...moisturising and leaves lips nice and smooth, soft and kissable! Just one bad thing though- when the stuff has dried up I find flakes of dead skin on my lips which I then have to exfoliate off with my old tooth brush to keep my lips smooth. Overall, I would give it four stars out of five because I have tried better things out there. I am going to try Burt's Bees lip balm next- just because the lip product fanatic in me can't stick to one product and finish it off. My drawers are OVERFLOWING with lip products...hmmmm I smell a project 10 pan not too far off in the distance...
Bye for now =)
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  1. I am a big fan of lush products. I find them very good for the enviroment and they all smell great. I first learned about them through youtubes allthatglitters21 (I love her vids) and I really hope to try this product!