Tuesday, 13 July 2010

First Post EVER! Hi Everyone....

Hi potential subscriber(s),

As you are here I thought I would take the time to introduce myself. As you have guessed from the title of this blog I am a beauty blogger (one in a million). I am totally new to this and so just bear with me :) Anyway, experimenting with makeup and beauty products is just something that I enjoy and I love discussing makeup, fashion, hair and anything else shallow. If you love this too- subscribe! It only takes a minute, requires a Yahoo, Google or Twitter account and it makes me incredibly happy (double smile!) :):)

What I love- All things shallow never fail to excite me- materialism runs in my veins, Taylor Lautner esp. when he is topless for obvious reasons, Benefit makeup, Music and beauty vids on YouTube and Blogging- of course.

What I hate- When Blogger refuses to do what I tell it to, Spinach (shudder), Maths which I can not do to save my life and unstylish people...

Okay, Enough rambling, I'll see you soon with a very exciting post (pinkie promise)


  1. Hey! I just started my blog too! :) I like your posts.