Friday, 16 July 2010

Outfit for Preps

Hey guys,
Sorry for this but I have now decided to mash my two blogs together just simply because I can't be bothered to keep posting on different sites and it became confusing for my fashion accustomed brain. So, as of today will be a beauty/fashion site- alternating- ex. one day will be a fashion post and the next day beauty and so on and so forth...

Today is a fashion post and this is an outfit I made for all those who describe their style as 'preppy'. So I created this outfit on polyvore which is a great site to play around with if you love creating outfits and slinging bits and pieces together. Anyway, to the point. The screen print is a little blurry so I'll run through the whole outfit- none of the pieces are too hard to dupe and you can get them quite cheap and in most stores.

The jeans came from Forever21-very easy to find similars- they're just browny red skinny jeans and can be bought from most stores for a good price. My advice is to just look around- what a great piece of advice *scoffs*

The blazer came from Oli- which I admit I have never heard of before. Blazers are in right now so this was a cute little addition to bring the outfit bang up to date it's also vital to stop the outfit from being boring. It's black and white so it can be worn with anything and everything so I would say it's a pretty good investment. I have seen blazers in H&M and in GAP too- so, again, hunt around.

The grey top is pretty much what you can see- a high neck, short sleeved top that should be tucked into the skinny jeans before dressing it up with a blazer. It can be found anywhere-it's a grey top for goodness sake-if you're going really cheap go to Primark as they're sure to have it.

The bag is from BabyPhat- it's a wood red shoulder bag- for dupes try Primark, H&M etc.

The wooden cuff with the gold work is from ASOS (FACT-ASOS actually stands for as seen on screen because many of their pieces are celebrity inspired) and I can't imagine that it cost too much. But again, it's easy to find similars- a plain wooden cuff bracelet will be fine =)
The necklace is from Clares which I have no doubt that all of you have visited once in your life. You may not be able to find the exact one I've used but a long, gold chain will dress up the outfit fine. This could cost anything between £1-£5. Again, if you have a low budget- try Primark.
The ring is from Alex Monroe @ BUT it is hideously expensive. I thought it was cute but I think that the quality of the outfit won't be affected if you go without. The idea was just a small, gold ring- again- can be found anywhere.
So that's my outfit for the Preppy girls- I hope you like it and if you enjoyed this post- FOLLOW!
Lots of Love,
TheBeautyBlogger x

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