Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Beauty Tricks

1) If your lips become chapped in cold weather, try this- use an old toothbrush to get rid of the dry, rough, flaky skin and then slather on some Vaseline. If you like a bit of colour mix some of your lipstick or gloss with Vaseline to turn it into a tinted lip conditioner. I do this all the time- especially with cheap waxy lipglosses- I scoop them out of the palettes they usually come in with a lip brush- mix it with a dollop of vaseline (into an old lip balm tin) and then microwave it (make sure the container isn't made of metal though otherwise it will create sparks) leave it in the fridge for an hour and you have your very own tinted lip conditioner.
2) On the contrary to what has always been preached to us- you can actually curl your lashes after applying mascara. And in fact it makes the curl lash longer. Just make sure that you wait until the mascara is completely dry.
3) Picture this- you come home after a long day from work/school and you are about to get ready for a big night out. There's just one problem- your hair is greasy and you don't have enough time to wash it. It's a dilema that we've all faced but try this next time- massage a little talc into your the roots(don't go overboard though otherwise your hair will look white) then blow dry it. This will absorb all the grease, et voila you are ready for your big night out... grease free...
4) Apply foundation with a face brush- this makes the overall look more even and you get that amazing 'airbrushed' finish that everyone loves.
5) Mix different lipstick colours together to create new shades!
6) Dab some Vaseline onto your lids instead of shade to get a subtle shine... this is a good one if your school/place of work has a no makeup policy but you still want to look good.
7)Mix a blob of gold eyeshadow to your foundation to give you a nice overall glow- not too much though or you know what will happen...
8)Try lash primers- yes they actually have lash primers- they just help the mascara to go on better and not clump.

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