Sunday, 25 July 2010

Things that you'll always find in my bathroom

Hey everyone,
My post today is 'products that you can always find in my bathroom'. =) It's a simple one but it's often missed and I feel it's quite important that I cover it AND you have exclusive access to a piece of my bathroom. BTW- I tag you all! Anyone who reads this blog and has one of their own- RESPOND!! I love responses and please please please post a picture??

I'm gonna start at the front (sorry but it didn't photograph very well but I hope you can see it).

1) LUSH- Ocean Salt Scrub and Karma Cream.
This is my latest skin care routine. I bought the Sea Scrub whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka I wasn't expecting too much of it. I have always adored LUSH because all their products smell amazing and because of their 'green image' but there's no denying that their scrubs and lotions aren't comparable to specially formulated brands- LUSH is like an ornate candle- it smells and looks great but doesn't really have any practical use. I was pleasantly surprised though when I tried this. I got a new toothbrush and dunked it in before exfoliation my face. The toothbrush combine with the salt crystals in the scrub left my face soft and smooth. The Lotion wasn't quite a love of mine though- the scent was really exotic and exceedingly strong (well, for me anyway) and gave me a head ache. I felt it was too thick to be used during the day so one day before bed I slathered a thick layer on and went to sleep. What did I wake up to?? Soft, glowing skin... The point of putting these two products in the shot was to show you all that there is ALWAYS a LUSH product to be found in my bathroom. There is also my LUSH Whip stick lip balm in the shot but you can't really see it. You can, however, see the comforter bubble bar... it's literally amazingness in a bar.

2)The orangey box behind the ocean sea scrub is a mango body set from the Body Shop another one of my loves. It smells incredible and mango is my favourite fruit- I buy this time and time again.

3) Little pink tube of Rose scented talcum powder because I am a little old lady at heart and it smells nice.

4)Vaseline moisturising body gel oil. Lollipop26 blogged about it and I rushed out to get it. I initially thought that this was a moisturiser in gel form- a new and interesting concept but it's actually an oil. I find it too oily to use on my face but it's great for applying to freshly shaved legs for a light shine.

5) Body Shop hemp oil hand cream. This doesn't smell great but my hands get really dry and this is a great hand lotion and it was 1/2 price so I had to get it, didn't I? I do find that I can't do anything for about 20 minutes later until the cream sinks in because it's too slippery ;-)

6) The yellow bottle with the orange lid is suncream/sunscreen because it was really hot in the UK a few weeks ago.

7)You can't see this in the pic but behind the sunscreen is my Aussie shampoo and conditioner which I love at the moment because it smells good, does it's job and doesn't burn holes in my purse.

8) Eau De Cologne. I have used this since I was born. Seriously. My hair is really thick so when I wash it, it takes ages to dry- rub a bit of this in and it drys quicker. It's also really cooling so when I'm not feeling too great I dab a bit on my forehead and it cools me down. I also use it as a perfume too because I love the smell though I know a lot of people who don't.

9)Charlie deodorant. Wide range with lots of choice, funky packaging and nice scents. What's not to love.

10)Vaseline is a no brainer. It can be used as a makeup remover, a moisturiser, a lip balm... the list goes on.

11)Tigi BedHead split ends mender. I love the BedHead range but it can only be bought in salons and has a salon price tag to match. But I think they're worth it as they look good, smell nice and I am virtually split end free!

So that's what you'll always find in my bathroom. If you do a response post link it below!
Lots of Love
TheBeautyBlogger x

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