Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Summer Outfit

Hey Guys,
Here is a quick, cute, casual but quirky summer outfit for all of you lucky enough to have nice, hot weather! I try as hard as I can to pick items that are not totally, completely and utterly unique just because then you won't be able to dupe them and the whole purpose of me doing this is defeated. Anyway, enough chatter.I will run through it as quickly as I can =)

Heavy Stitch Shorts- Wet Seal- 13 GBP
These can be found anywhere- just hunt round for short, denim shorts. Any good shop should have them in stock- hunt around in Primark and you are sure to find them for less than £13.

Ray Ban Sunglasses-ASOS.com-240 GBP
WOAH! £240 is not something I am willing to pay for a pair of ray ban sunglasses. Luckily these can be easily duped as it's a popular style. I only picked these out because I felt the shape matched well with the overall outfit. Any pair should do though!

Diego Bucket Bag- Alexander Wang
The idea of this was just a brown, small purse with a strap that can go across the body- because I think that's really summery.

KALLA gladiator sandals-Kurt Geiger- 45 GBP
These are cute but I am sure you can get gladiators like these for less than that. In fact I bought a pair from Apple Snow the other day for £15 in their 'closing down sale' *liars* (the sign has been up for months now) but none the less I was sucked into buying them... I also picked up a few items in the Next Sale....I feel a haul coming up... watch this space....

Petite Lace Button Cami-Topshop-25 GBP
This is a really cute piece- hunt around- I'm sure you'll find a dupe.

You rebel tinted moisturiser- Benefit
It's too hot for foundation, it'll just sweat off your face but tinted moisturiser is a nice, light alternative if you still want some coverage. You can make your own by adding a blob of your usual foundation to moisturiser.

Red lipstick
I know you all have this at home. =)

Anyway, that's it,
I hope you liked the outfit- if you did, comment below =)

Lots of Love,

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