Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Ins and Outs

Hey everybody
After a whole load of serious posts I just want to do one fun one for you all. This post is 'ins and outs' and a lot of my favourite bloggers do this so I just wanted to try it out. These are all just random things I have thought of, of the top of my head. If you have a blog please feel free to do this too!


Skirt Shorts

this is a cute new trend that I am in love with I have already bought several pairs and they're great. I love short skirts but I am terrified of accidentally flashing so these work great. I am not too sure about the pattern of these but they're not mine (pict taken from Google images). They look a lot like skirts but you get the security of wearing shorts. Score.

Twister ice cream-

I have a sudden craving for ice cream even though it isn't particularly hot over here in the UK. I am loving Twisters at the moment. Ummmmmmm...


Having tons of work to do-

Obvious really. Too much work+too little fun= unhappy Beauty Blogger =(


I am sick and tired of their high prices, over hyping and their under delivering. I am hereby on a MAC boycott.

Anyway, those are my ins and outs of this week.
Comment below and tell me yours!
Lots of love
TheBeautyBlogger x


  1. I think I want to BOYCOTT Mac also. You can get WAY better colors and products at Sephora or Online for way cheaper prices